Cheap Locks

Cheap Locks

I am constantly amazed by the amount of cheap locks I see used on properties around Adelaide.  I would estimate as a locksmith, one in every two or three locks are ‘budget’ locks.  I was attending a lockout on Sunday at Edwardstown and I came across one on this particular door.  I am not going to mention which brand it was, it looked as though it was fairly new, and had a matching deadbolt.  As soon as I started picking the lock I knew the quality was poor.  There was almost no weight to the knob, the cylinder itself had a lot of slop, (making it super easy to pick!)  I was half expecting it to fall apart in my hand.

People as a whole expect their doors and locks to keep themselves and their property safe.  I can’t understand what people think a $15 door lock is going to do. They trust a $15 hardware shop lock to secure their property worth thousands!

Locksmiths, generally speaking, both love and hate to see cheap locks.  In one respect it is great for business, as they fail and fall apart, locksmiths are called to help and quite often, replace the failed lock.  The flip side is that the public are largely unaware of a cheap locks’ insecurity.

The bottom line is ‘There is a reason cheap locks are cheap!’

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