Lost car keys just got a bit less painful.

Lost car keys just got a bit less painful.

If you have ever lost your car keys, I am sure you will agree that it is a painful and costly process.  Silca have just made this a bit less painful for your wallet.

They have released a range of generic vehicle remotes which can be ‘pre-coded’ to a specific vehicle manufacturer, and then introduced into the vehicle.

There was previously not a lot of options for people wanting to replace lost keys with remote buttons.  Genuine keys were in most cases, very expensive and in most cases, customers were forced into plain keys with no remote lock and unlock buttons.

The new Silca remote keys suit a wide range of vehicle manufacturers and use a flip blade style of key.  A lot of the time they are half the price of a genuine dealer key whilst retaining all the functions of a genuine.

More information on the new range of Silca remote keys can be found here.

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