Weekend Re-key

Weekend Re-key

I was called to a property in Seaton last weekend to change the locks on a house that has just been sold and settled. Normally I can re-key a lock within a matter of a few minutes, however these handles were quite complex.

Each of the 2 lever handles too me about 15 minutes to disassemble, remove the cylinder, re-key and put it all back together again. I will post some photos below.
The front door lock was a treat however, the property had double solid wood doors with a Lockwood commercial mortice lock and a 570 cylinder. Very nice look for a front door.

While I was there I was also asked to replace an old Weiser key in knob lock, which I estimate was older than I am. I used a Carbine Commercial deadbolt, its probably the most secure garage in the street now!

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