DIY Deadbolt Installation

DIY Deadbolt Installation

I was asked to install a deadbolt into a new door this week and thought I should make a little how to guide.  Installing a deadbolt or deadlatch into a new door really isn’t as tough as one might think.  Sure, locksmiths are probably quicker and perhaps the end result may look more professional, but it really is something the average Joe can do in a couple of hours.
If you are unsure which lock would be best or what type of lock to install, ask your local locksmith.  If you need the new lock keyed to an existing lock, again, ask your local locksmith.  I am happy to supply and re-key new locks for you to install yourself.  It is most likely a lot cheaper than you think.

The first step in a new install is to mark the drill locations.  Most new dead locks come with a drilling template.  These are made of paper and prone to ripping.  Usually it is a 54mm hole with it’s center 60mm from the doors edge.  The latch position will be in the center of the doors edge.  To help with alignment, strike a line from the center of the 54mm hole to the edge of the door.  This will mark the center for your latch hole.  Drill the latch hole with a 25mm splade.

Place the latch into the latch hole and mark the outline with a pencil.  You will have to chisel a recess into the edge of the door so the latch sits flush.

You should now be able to install the latch into the recess and fit the deadbolt to the door.  Once complete, check for smooth operation and tighten all screws.
The next step is to cut a recess for the strike plate and hole for the bolt.  This is the hardest part of the installation.  Cut the hole in the frame for the bolt first.  You can use the same 25mm drill that was used for the latch.  With the door closed, mark the top and bottom of the latch plate on the door frame.  This marks will also be used as positioning for the strike plate.  Find the middle of the 2 marks on the frame and strike a line towards the door jamb.  If the door closes flush with the frame the location for drilling will be the middle of the frame.  If it does not close flush, measure the distance and adjust that measurement from the center of the frame.
Drill bolt hole and recess striker into the frame.

Install the striker into the frame and close the door.  It should close snug and the bolt should move freely.  You can make small adjustments to the striker by filling the edges if necessary.

With any luck, you should have installed a working deadbolt.  If in any doubt, call a locksmith.

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