The importance of customer service

The importance of customer service

I want to touch briefly on what I believe to be, a very important part of owning my own locksmith business in Adelaide – Customer Service.

It is my belief that providing excellent customer service is as essential to Rapid Response Locksmiths as the ability to pick locks.  Being based in Adelaide, reputation and service is critical to the success (or failure) of any business.  I encounter people in a lot of different situations, for example, people locked out.  People wanting their locks changed because of a messy separation, or simply they would like to upgrade their home security.  Being able to communicate and interact with them all is a skill in itself.

When dealing with any potential customer, the phone is primarily the first point of contact.  It is important to leave a good and professional first impression.  I always try as best I can to understand what the customer wants, offer the best advice possible, and provide an accurate quote with the information I have been given.  Attending the site on time, and looking professional are a must for any successful business.  Quite often things like, offering to take your boots off before walking inside and making sure the work site is clean when you finish speak volumes.  For example, I will always clean and lubricate all of a customers locks when I have completed a job.

Going above and beyond what is typically expected will ensure you are remembered favorably by each and every customer.

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